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You can now purchase the mp3 version of God Is Alone In Heaven on Amazon and iTunes. It is also available to stream on Spotify.

You can purchase the LP at the following record stores in Oakland, CA: 1234 Go, Stranded, and EconomJam.


God Is Alone In Heaven is out today. Pre-orders have shipped. You can still order the record at Stream the full album at Purchase mp3's at The album will be also be available in digital formats at Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify on January 28.


Pre-orders for God Is Alone In Heaven are up. You can order one copy of each color for $16 + shipping or both colors for $30 + shipping. Please note that these are expected to ship on January 11, 2014. Listen to a teaser track from PopGang.


Downsided #01 - September 7, 2010
Secret People 7”

150 on clear vinyl
350 on black vinyl

Downsided #02 - March 8, 2011
Wolves and Thieves - 11
100 clear vinyl
200 black vinyl
120 CDs

Downsided #03 - January 14, 2014
Witowmaker - God Is Alone In Heaven

105 dark red vinyl
200 black vinyl


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